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ANNETTE HAUGH - Columbine Survivor and Mother of Two

Annette is a Columbine Survivor.  She was a junior and had just turned  17 when the shooting happened.  After graduating from high school,  Annette left Colorado to go to school in San Diego. She lived there for 9  years and has been back in Colorado for 10 years.  Annette currently  resides in Stapleton and has two children, ages 7 and 4.  Annette's kids  and dogs keep her busy and laughing every day. She tries to live life  to the very fullest for those of her classmates that didn't get the  opportunity to do so.

BENJAMIN MARCIAL - Dean of Culture, McAuliffe-Manual Middle School

Born and raised in Chicago, Benjamin Marcial, NCSP comes with an Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology from National-Louis University. Unique experiences in the field of youth development across the Chicagoland Area sparked an interest. As a graduate student, his emphasis of study included Positive Behavioral Systems of Support and Trauma-Informed Care. Upon graduation, moved to Denver to begin his School Psychologist career at McAuliffe International Middle School. During his Tenure, he led the restructuring of the Affective Needs Center and served as the Special Education Chair. This school year, he transitioned to McAuliffe-Manual Middle School, as Dean of Culture. 

DR. SARA METZ - Public Safety Psychologist & Owner of Code-4 Counseling

Dr. Sara Metz is the owner of Code-4 Counseling. For the past ten years, Dr. Metz has developed a deep  passion for working with emergency responders and their families. A licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Metz specializes in crisis  intervention, wellness program development, and peer support  supervision. Dr. Metz’s dedication for helping clients and agencies find healthy  ways to manage mental health comes from her direct experience as a  responder at many critical incidents. Dr. Metz routinely works with school threat assessment teams to manage behavioral concerns 

REP. TOM SULLIVAN, Colorado House of Representatives - 37th District

Tom Sullivan is an Air Force veteran, retired after 27 years with the  US Post Office. He graduated from Metro State University in Denver. He  has been married to his wife Terry now for over 40 years and they have  two children Alex and Megan.

Tom’s son Alex was murdered in the  Aurora Theatre massacre on his 27th birthday 7/20/2012 and that event  changed his life forever. A trial lasted over 3 years and when it was  over Tom ran for State Senate in SD27, lost but came back in 2018 and  ran for State House in HD37 and won.

Tom is the first Democrat to  ever win that seat and after being the co-prime sponsor of the “Red  Flag” bill and helped it to become law. Tom became the first in the  state to defeat a recall of his election this past summer.

2020 will be Tom’s second year representing HD37 and he is running for re-election this coming November. Learn more HERE

STACEY HERVEY, M.C.J. Assoc. Professor -Criminal Justice

Stacey Hervey worked in Victim Services and spent a short time as a patrol officer before deciding to focus on research in criminal justice.   She specializes in school safety, hate crimes/group violence and juvenile delinquency. Stacey  was mayoral appointee for the City of Denver Crime Prevention and Control Commission and in 2009 received the FBI Director Leadership Award for her contributions to the community.  She has also received the Mile High Teacher Award and Distinguished Teacher Award. Stacey has worked with Homeland Security and the Attorney General's office to develop training resources for parents on internet safety, mental health and drug use and has presented throughout the United States.  She teachers criminal justice courses for Denver Public Schools, UCCS and Metro State University. Learn more at

DR. JASON WILLIAMS - Pediatric Mental Health Institute @ The Children’s Hospital Colorado

Jason Williams, PsyD, MSEd  is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine, and serves as the Director of Operations in the Pediatric Mental Health Institute at the Children’s Hospital Colorado.  Dr. Williams has an interest in the development of innovative teaching methodologies in inter-professional teams.  Clinically, his interests lie in the use of technology both for clinical outcomes and in the development of transdiagnostic service delivery.  Dr. Williams received his master degree in Education from the University of Southern California, and his doctoral degree from the California School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles, California.